Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Needlecase for Jen

Way back in May this year (2014) I received from Alison in Ayr, Jen's Needlecase, that four of us were working on. It arrived here, a few days before I went for foot surgery, and I thought "Excellent timing! I can work on it as I recuperate". Did I mention that I had a moon boot on said foot, and was not to be weight bearing for at least two months!! Well, that plan fell in a heap! Not only did recuperation take much longer, but I also succumbed to the "black dog" of clinical depression when I accomplished little or nothing in the way of Crazy quilting or anything else that could be classified as creative. My CQJP 2014 blocks have not been touched for nearly five months! (Hangs my head in shame) But at last, I'm getting back on I received an email from Jen in New South Wales, that she had received the needlecase which I had mailed late last week.
When I look at the scan of the block, I marvel at how such a small piece could take so long! Poor Jen, she couldn't be blamed for wondering IF she was ever going to receive her block. At least I have shrugged off the mind freezing inertia of the past few months and am feeling creative again. If you would like to visit KenMaursCorner you will see some more baby steps to recovery, where I have hand stitched some small motifs onto fabric Postcards. Then, I promise, I WILL be trying to catch up on my CQJP2014 blocks before 2014 comes to an end

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